How To Prevent A Blocked Drain

Having a blocked drain can be an invonvience as it can be unhygienic, especially when the water isn’t draining away or food waste coming up through the pipes. If you have a blocked drain and would like to know more about the services we offer, call us today on 07826 079196. There are things you can to to help prevent getting a blocked drain. 

Here is a list of things that will block your drains and how you can prevent it:

Oils and Fats

Because oils and fats are liquids and melt away quickly, people tend to assume the best way to get rid of it would be to pour it down the sink. However this is one of the major causes of a blocked drain because over time oils and fats solidifies then clogs and it results in blocking a drain. If you do want to get rid of any oils and fats, just pour it in a bag or a container and throw it in the bin. 


Yes, coffee! If you are a heavy ground coffee drinker then make sure you empty all of your coffee grounds into the bin. Instant coffee dissolves in your cup however ground coffee does not and a lot of people do not know this and tend to just pour it into the sink and get on with the day without thinking twice about it. Coffee grounds tend to build up over time hence causing  a blocked drain. 


You have probably already heard about hair clogging in your shower. What you probably aren’t aware of is how much hair goes down the drain when you are showering. You can get rid of the hair by pulling it back up through the plug hole, however it can get difficult when it travels further back down. To prevent this, it is a good habit to have to brush your hair to remove all loose hairs before they reach the plug hole. 

Baby Wipes 

Even though it is written on the packaging that they are disposable, baby wipes are a nightmare for drains. They end up sticking together, even though you might flush one at a time, or stick onto other things that are in the drain. Baby wipes are known to clog drains very quickly. In order to avoid this, we recommend throwing them away in the bin. 

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