Your Common Drainage Questions Answered

We have answered all your frequently asked questions when it comes to drains, in order to help you understand what you are responsible for and how you should look after them. We offer our drainage services based in Welwyn Garden City. 

Who is responsible for my drains, by law?

As of 2011, you are only responsible for your own drains, which end at your property's boundary. Prior to this, you were responsible for your drains until they joined to the public sewer- which meant you could be responsible for sections running under streets and roads.

Does my insurance cover my drains?

Usually, your insurance covers your drains, unless the damage is caused by subsidence, root intrusion or vehicular damage. 

What is a drainage survey?

A drainage survey is where a small CCTV camera is put down a drain pipe to spot what the problem is. the camera can spot a wide range of things, including displaced joints, leeks, cracks, settlement, collapse, infiltration and root intrusion. 

Should I pre-purchase a drain survey?

Some mortgage companies require a pre-purchased drainage survey, especially if there are cracks or displaced manhole covers in the surrounding grounds. Although, even if your mortgage companies don't require one, it is still a good idea to commission one. 

Why does my bath/shower empty slowly?

It is not uncommon for plug holes to get blocked with hair and soap through general use. The central part of your plug hole may be removable to allow for easy cleaning, which makes your life a lot easier. If not, the hair can be removed in several ways, with a piece of wire or tweezers, to pull the hair out.

If this still doesn't do the trick, the problem may be deeper than just the plug hole the hair can go further and block the pipe itself. This can be resolved with a supermarket drain cleaner.

How should I keep my drains clean?

There a few simple ways to keep your drains clean. Firstly, wipe the grease from pots and pans before washing them, to stop it going down the plug hole. All leftovers should be thrown in the bin, rather than forced down the plug. A hair trap should be placed over the plug hole in your shower or bath to trap the mix of soap and hair.

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